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Test 8

Our Term 3 calendar has been sent out. This term we have some special dates planned including a visit from the Silkwood Ambulance Officers, participation in the Premiere's Reading Challenge and Book Week, Science Week and Week 9 Assembly at St Johns, a Father’s Day family get together and a visit by Pirate Pete! We also have a quarterly Parent Meeting set for Thursday 8th August at 2:45pm.

Over the first week of Term 3 at Kindergarten we were able to see how much our vegetable garden had grown!! If you are in need of lettuce or rocket we are the place to come! We also noticed that our Beetroot looked ready, so we dug them up and made a yummy, pink beetroot dip!

We have had lots of fun with our Puppet Theatre – taking turns to create and perform a puppet show. This is such a great play experience to help us to think about the stories we can make up – the characters involved and how the story will unfold. With a little practice the children were getting the knack of storytelling and we look forward to hearing and seeing more puppet shows as the weeks go on.

We had Jace bring in a cardboard plane which everyone loved the look of. We decided to create our own planes with the many varied craft items we have in our craft space. When the children are given the creative freedom to follow their own ideas with a range of resources, they engage in active learning and produced some wonderful unique things. We had sea planes, planes with many wings, landing gears and propellers that spun!


We are on the lookout for an old microwave for use in our sandpit. We have had to throw out the one we currently were using as it broke beyond safe use, but it is an item that the children love and use alot! So, if you are upgrading your microwave, or know of someone who is, please keep us in mind.

Yours in play, Miss Cheryl and Mrs Greco